Snack Bar

The snack bar is one of our biggest fundraisers each year and helps keep our costs down.

This year we are asking every family to work at least one snack bar shift of 2 1/4 hours. This is a requirement for every family. At first, it may sound like a pain, but it’s actually very fun, easy, and a great way to meet other parents.

The way we handle the snack bar is that the JV parents work during the Varsity games, and the Varsity parents work during the JV games. That way you don’t miss your own son playing. Shifts typically will run from 5-7:15pm and 7:15-9:30pm. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your shift so that you can be “trained” and release the other shift in time. There will be at least 4 people working at a time.

If for some reason you cannot work your shift, please contact another family on the roster to switch shifts and then email us at to let us know of the change.

Also, if anyone would like to help make some food for the snack bar, that would be greatly appreciated. In the past we’ve had parents make cupcakes or treats and bring them in (they were amazing!!!). Other parents have made pulled pork or chicken and brought it in a crock pot. That is also wonderful! If you are able to help with that, please just let us know.