Email Distribution Signup

Interested in being added to our “All” Email distribution list?

How to sign up:

  1. Click to go to our Sign Up page
  2. Enter your
    1. Email Address
    2. Name
    3. Password choice
  3. Click “Subscribe”
  4. You will be sent a Confirmation email
    1. Open the confirmation email and follow the instructions to verify your subscription
  5. You should then receive a “Welcome” email confirming you’ve joined and giving you information on how to use the list

If you ever want to adjust your subscription status / unsubscribe you can do so at the same link.



To remove your email address from our distribution list, please email us here

Email Distribution List Etiquette

Once you are part of the list, you’ll be able to send and receive email to everyone on the list. So:

  1. Always keep your list-wide emails polite and respectful
  2. If Replying to an “All” list email, make sure you choose the recipients appropriately
    1. If your reply should go to everyone on the list, then the “To” address should be the “all@…” address
    2. If your reply should go to just one individual, then the “To” address should be that person’s email address, only.
  3. Keep the subject matter to MVHS Boys Lacrosse. This is not a list to promote other interests.

Questions? Email